Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology


Nowadays, things are becoming convenient, and it is possible because of the technology; however, modern technology does not come with only advantages as there are also disadvantages of technology. Mentioned below are 11 advantages and 4 disadvantages of technology:


Advantages of Technology

 1. Great Discoveries in All Industries: Technological advancements have shown people a more efficient way to perform things. For instance, education has greatly progressed by the technological advances of computers. Technology has made it possible for students to learn on a global scale. Agricultural processes are now automated; medical discoveries are occurring at a rapid pace. All of this is happening due to technological advancements.

 2. Cost-Efficiency: Machines can today perform tasks that humans can do. Hence, business owners save money as machines outperform humans.

 3. Communication: Technology is the reason why we have advanced communication tools. In other words, technology has given a new name to communication.

 4. Convenience: Technology has made it easier for us to access information. We can access information at any time, and from anywhere; it is possible because of technology.

 5. Improved Lifestyle: Technology has improved the way we live our lives. Most of the items in our houses are automated if we compare those items to ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s.

 6. Improved Entertainment: We have more video games, we can listen to high-quality music, and we have visual systems like TV. All of these are gifts of technology.

 7. Social Networking: Social networking is beneficial for both individuals and businesses.

 8. Education: Online education is one of the many benefits of technology.

 9. Traveling: Today, we can travel by a rickshaw, motorcycle, bus, airplanes, and trains. These vehicles have made our lives convenient, and technology is the reason why we see vehicles.

 10. Health Industry: Health industry has taken a shift. Today, we see that hospitals are equipped with modern equipment. Modern equipment also reduces the mistakes that doctors commit while treating patients.

 11. Encourages Innovation and Creativity: Many innovations that we see today are the results of technological advancements. Creative software has also resulted because of technology.


Disadvantages of Technology

 1. Dependency: People have become dependent on computers and other forms of technology. If a machine breaks, then human beings become almost disabled until the problem get resolved. People have become less self-reliant, and it is because of technology.

 2. Joblessness: today, AI (Artificial Intelligence) machines have developed that do the tasks that human beings were doing in past. Machines are replacing humans; therefore, more people have today become jobless, and it has happened because of AI machines.

 3. World Destruction Weapons: Devastating weapons have developed today, and it has happened because of technology. In other words, technology has threatened the world’s peace.

 4. Augmented Loneliness: Technology devices are making people isolated, and technology is the reason for the social isolation of people.

Impact of technology in our lives cannot be measured. We use technology in different ways that either benefits us or harm us. What we call modern technology is not as new as we think. For instance, the smartphone is only an advancement of ordinary mobile phone that we had some years ago. Today, we have electronic trains that are the advancement of steam-powered trains. The ever-evolving technology is advancing our lives. We use technology to do specific tasks. We have specific needs, and for fulfilling those needs we require technology. Technology has advantages, as well as disadvantages. Sometimes, an advantage of technology is also a disadvantage if you see it from a different perspective. Last but not least, advantages of technology outdo its disadvantages; therefore, human beings like relying on technology to live their lives conveniently.

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